Gaio records the use and procedures adopted by users to support audit and information security processes.

There are five log blocks generated:

  1. Access : records user logins.

  2. Questions (Cognitive) : records all questions asked, serving as support for understanding users' expectations.

  3. Studio : records access and tasks used in Studio.

  4. Settings : Records changes to data sources and repositories.

  5. Outputs : records data outputs from Gaio via API, Rest and data export.

  6. Source/Configuration:

  7. Filter : It is possible to choose the type of operation for which the log was generated.

  8. Data Generated : Various log information is generated. For example, removing data from the Gaio environment, which has 11 columns.


Data security is fundamental. Gaio centralizes data, avoiding dispersion across computers and personal spreadsheets. It shows who uses the data, who takes the data from the centralized system (Gaio) and it also runs in the safest environment for the customer, which can be in the cloud or on-premise.

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