The first interface of the Gaio administration environment is that of access permissions for users and user groups in relation to applications and data sources.

To access, simply click on the icon at the top right and click on Settings .

  1. Users and groups that will receive access must be brought to this window.

  2. Applications and data sources that will be granted to users and groups in the window on the left must be brought to this window.

    1. As soon as these objects appear in this area, an eye is next to them and can be clicked so that the permission, which until now is read-only, changes to a pencil that represents editing permission as well.

    2. To send an object to these two windows, the item icons (8, 9 and 10) must be clicked.

  3. Groups: When clicked, the user groups created in Gaio will appear. When you click on the group name, a red pencil will appear above which allows you to change its name.

  4. Users: you can view and search for users to grant access. A good practice is to keep all users in groups and manage them only by user groups so as not to lose control of permissions, whether they are in groups or users.

  5. Group creation: just click on the icon to name a new group and it will already be created. To add users to the group, go to the Users section.

  6. It is possible to send all users, groups, applications and data sources to the upper windows to grant access. Just click on the icons similar to item 6.

  7. It is possible to search for users, groups, applications and data sources using the search boxes similar to item 7.

  8. Sends the group or user from the line to the top box to grant access.

  9. Sends the line application to the upper box to grant access.

  10. Sends the row's data source to the top box for granting access.

  11. Removes all objects from the top two grant-access boxes so that new selections can be made.

At the end of all choices, access permissions can be granted or removed using the two buttons below:

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