Enterprise version feature Only in the Enterprise version of Gaio is it possible to create multiple repositories.

It is not a very common task to create new repositories, but it can be strategic for the company to have more than one data server, separating, for example, sensitive employee data from other data.

Administration environment , access the Repositories button in the top menu, to access the interface below:

  1. Add: using the button in the upper right corner, you can add a new Data Repository

  2. Edit: the settings of already registered repositories can be changed using the Edit button.

1. Add Repository

It's even simpler than connecting to a DBMS in Data Sources .

  1. Name of the repository that will be recognized within Gaio.

  2. IP/Address/Server where the Clickhouse DBMS is located.

  3. Port: The default port is 8123

  4. User: Clickhouse's default master user is the default, but it can be any other, as long as all permissions in the DBMS are available.

  5. Password: bank user password.

2. Edit Repository

Editing is simple and if there is no user and password change, keeping it blank like this when editing will not generate an update in these two fields.

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