When creating an application in Gaio, it is almost certain that tables will be created and they will all be stored in what Gaio calls a Bucket.


Database in the Gaio data repository where tables created in Gaio are stored. Each application has its bucket, whose name in the Clickhouse DBMS is bucket_numApp . Example bucket_33 .

A data analyst may wish to access tables created in another application in one application. This is possible through the Application Sharing feature .

Administration environment , access the Sharing top menu .

  1. Choose the application that will access data from another application.

  2. Filter : search for the application that will give access to your data.

  3. Choose the application that will transfer your data. It could be more than one.

Click Apply and you can now go to Studio, in the application that received access and you will see more buckets available.

In the case of the application above, it has access to data from two other applications, Demo and Insights .

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