Creating New Applications

To create a new application, simply click the New application button, located below the cards in the right corner of the Home Page.

Following the available options, fill in:

  1. Application Name.

  2. Description.

  3. Repository.

  4. Name of the first process.

  5. Creator: The default is the currently logged in user, but can be edited.

  6. Application Group.

  7. Icon Color.

  8. Application icon.

Example - Application Creation

Viewing Applications

By default, the applications created will be presented in the form of cards.

Editing Applications

Click the application's Edit button.

On the application's edit screen, the user can edit the:

  1. Application name.

  2. Description.

  3. Creator.

  4. Application color.

  5. Application icon.

  6. Processes: clicking on the desired process will give it a blue flag, indicating that when accessing Studio this will be the first process to be viewed. When there are dashboards in the application, it is recommended that one of the dashboards is marked so that navigation is more fluid.

See more in Processes

Accessing Dashboards

Click on the application Dashboard button.

When there is no dashboard process created in your application, you will see a screen with the message Data preparation process . This indicates that the process marked on the application's editing screen is of the Data Preparation type .

Accessing the Studio

Click on the Studio button of the desired application.

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