General Menu

From anywhere in Gaio, you can access this menu in the far right corner, where some quick accesses are available.

  1. Home: sends the user to the Gaio home screen.

  2. GPS - Help: instant support that is accessed via chat

  3. Documentation: find information in the Gaio documentation.

  4. Settings: if the user has environment administrator privileges, they will go to Gaio user and access management.

  5. My account: when accessing this interface, the user will be able to change their name, language and password.

  6. Exit: In this case, when clicking, you will need to enter your username and password again to enter Gaio. Some actions on Gaio require logging in and out to update information.

  7. Version: Here you can see the version of the Gaio server being accessed. It could be during a support moment.

Email is not allowed to be changed. Only the environment administrator can make such a change.

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