Map Editor

In the top right menu of the Studio, there is, among others, the option to Edit Maps. In this environment there are two possibilities:

  1. Create a new map by drawing the polygons.

  2. Load GeoJSON maps.

The analyst can create as many maps as he wants and when using it, he can call up any map created by any Gaio user on the server in use.

  1. Create or load new map.

  2. Edit an already created/uploaded map.

1. GeoJSON import

Maps created from GeoJSON can contain countries, states, cities, and other geographies. They can be found on the Internet. When you download the file with the .json extension, you can load it and the polygons will be formed.

At the time of import, it is necessary to indicate which of the columns from the map will be compared with the table column that will be printed on the map. For example, if the company's systems have the State written with two letters (SP, RJ, MG, etc.), it is better that the reference column of this map is the first, UF .

2. Map creation

Creating maps means drawing each polygon to demarcate territories. Gives flexibility to design sales regions, market potentials and other non-standard geographic distributions.

  1. The first step is to choose the polygon tool and start clicking on the map generating the desired shape. At the end, just click on the first point to close the polygon.

  2. Give a name to the polygon in the Geography tab, which automatically generates a polygon code. This name is the identification that must appear in a column of the data table that will be used to print values on the map.

  3. In the Settings tab it is necessary to define the name and description of the map.

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