Parameters are a key resource for several Gaio features, such as filters in dashboards, filters in APIs, use in loops, among others.

A parameter is nothing more than a variable that absorbs different values passed to Gaio by the user, API and other ways.

A parameter does not have a type (numeric, date, text). It only has a name and a default value (optional).

To create parameters, access the menu on the left of Studio and click on the icon in the image below:

  1. Parameters menu: all parameters already created in this application are listed.

  2. Save: Saves the values currently in the parameters as default values.

  3. New: add a new parameter.

  4. Update: Updates the parameter values on the screen.

  5. Filter: search by parameters.

  6. userId: this is the only parameter that always exists. It contains the Gaio id of the user who is currently using Gaio. This way it is possible to filter the sales of the seller who has just entered Gaio, as in the process it is possible to identify the connected user.

  7. Created parameter: this is a parameter created by the analyst, which can be deleted using the trash can on the right.

  8. Edit Parameter: can have its default value and name changed when clicked.

The image above is the screen for creating/editing a parameter.

  1. Parameter name.

  2. Parameter description.

  3. Standard value.

  4. Group for grouping parameters.

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