Creating Processes

Click the New Process icon located in the Studio menu.

  1. Process Name: the name of the process will always be on the screen and it is important that it actually reflects what was built in it.

  2. Folder: folder where your process will be saved. It can be created by writing the name of a new folder or selecting an existing one. It's optional.

  3. Process Description: It is optional and only appears on the process settings screen.

  4. Dashboard: This type of process is exclusive for when the analyst wants to place graphs, tables, forms on the screen for the end user. This process will be a tab on the application's final dashboard or it can be a drop-down window, that is, the user only accesses this dashboard when they click on a link that calls it as a popup.

  5. Tab in the menu:

  6. Hanging window:

  7. Data preparation: This process never appears as a tab on the dashboard. It is dedicated to connecting data, importing, preparing and generating tables that will be used, for example, in the dashboard process, API, export and other purposes.

  8. Reload Process:

  9. Protect process: This feature prevents the process from running even when the user presses the Play button to run it. It is a protective feature in critical cases.

Dashboard Process

A Dashboard-type process is used to build data visualizations. It can be accessed through the home page via the application 's "Dashboard" button , and via the "Edit dashboard" button to make the necessary edits to the dashboard layout.

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Data Preparation Process

The data preparation process is commonly used for processes where data import, processing and modeling tasks will be performed.

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