Gaio's tasks are accessed through Studio 's left side menu , by clicking on the icon indicated in the image below.

There are several features to optimize and simplify data manipulation. The name for each feature in Gaio is Task :

  1. Query

  2. SQL

  3. External SQL

  4. Table Insertion

  5. Line Insertion

  6. Update

  7. Exclusion

  8. Create Table

  9. Quick Table

  10. pivot table

  11. Unpivot Table

  12. Execute Process

  13. Rest

  14. Parameters for Table

  15. Table for Parameters

  16. Users

  17. CSVWeb

  18. Google Sheet

  19. Sampling

  20. AutoML

  21. Scoring

  22. Cluster

  23. Main Components

  24. Association Rules

  25. Time Series

  26. R Script

  27. Report

  28. PowerSearch

  29. Content

  30. Form

  31. Export Output

  32. Banner

  33. Export CSV

  34. Map

  35. Insights

  36. API

  37. SMS

  38. Whatsapp

  39. Email

  40. network

Using Tasks

There are tasks, such as Content , that do not require the prior selection of a table. Others can only be selected if a table is selected, if the table is not selected, an error message will appear, as in the image below:

After choosing the task, make the necessary settings, save, run the task or the entire process for the transformations to be applied.


Whenever you execute the entire process, or a specific task, the configured transformation will be applied again.

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