Create Table

This task does not depend on a table as a source for its execution. With the Create Table task you define the columns and their types to create a new table without data. It can be very useful to create a table that will start receiving data, for example from the Insert Row task .

It is necessary for each new column to define its name, type (text, date, date/time, numeric, etc.) and default value if the user does not provide it.

You can create as many fields as you need. Using item 1 , you will create the table, but the table creation task will not be generated and therefore will not exist to be reused or changed.

At the same time, keeping this task in one process means recreating the table again with each run, which would mean losing data. However, if this is the intention, it is essential to check the box in item 2 , so that Gaio deletes the table before recreating it.

Finally, in item 3 , you create and save the task in your process.

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