Run Process

In the middle of a Gaio process, it is possible to call another process. Simply choose Execute Process from the Tasks menu and define which process will be executed.

Two applications of this feature are:

  1. Automation of various processes . A new process can be created where several other processes are called, sequenced and this "macro" process is automated in Scheduling .

  2. Looping Creation : Having a process A and another B, the following procedure can be adopted. Process A has a call from process B with the Execute Process task . In process B, there is no task other than the Execute Process , and process A is called in it. When process A is executed, it will enter an infinite loop. So that the looping is not infinite, the analyst can set any task in the process to a stop criterion, by right-clicking and choosing Edit properties .

Conditional Rules options , you can choose Stop execution from this point . As a criterion for stopping the execution of the entire process, any application parameter can be used. This parameter can receive values at each execution of the process, through the Table for Parameters task . This way the parameter values are updated and will determine whether the process should stop executing or not.

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