With the Query task, the need to master SQL concepts is minimal. However, for advanced users who want to build their own queries, the SQL task is the perfect environment to extrapolate the possibilities that Gaio and Clickhouse can offer.


Access the task through the task menu, through the side menu or through the Studio top menu.

The SQL Query task allows the user to develop their own queries, which, once saved, become part of the data flow created in the application process. Using the Execution Order tool, you can choose the correct time for its execution.

Task Features

1. Top Menu

  1. Save task button.

  2. Task name.

  3. Button to execute query.

  4. Toggle left menu: removes the left menu, enlarging the text box view.

  5. Limit of lines that will be returned from the query result.

  6. Database functions.

  7. Executions in progress: Execution control.

  8. Auto format query.

  9. Preview the full text of the query (blocks "Save" and "Execute" buttons).

2. Fonts

Access the tables available in the application bucket and in shared applications.

Click on View table, activate the navigation mode for the selected table

3. Text Box

Any query entered in the "Task" tab will be executed in the process. The rest are automatically saved as draft pages.

4. Query Result

Click the "Execute" button to view the query result.

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