SQL External

External SQL performs a pure import. Unlike an import performed through the task Query, import via External SQL does not automatically identify the name of the columns and their type (String, Int, Float, etc.), and it is up to the user to provide this information.

The main advantage of this task is the ability to execute complex queries in the syntax of the source database, allowing the user to take advantage of existing work, or specific functionalities present in other technologies such as: functions, procedures, and triggers.


To be able to import through the External SQL task, the source registration must have the flag "Allow to execute pure SQL in the source".

Before clicking save, you need to re-enter your Data Source username and password.


  1. Give the task a name (optional)

  2. Choose the data source

  3. Insert the query

  4. Check to enable import

  5. Insertion mode: **

  6. Give the import result table a name

  7. Add the desired number of columns

  8. Specify the type of columns

  9. Enter the name of the columns (necessarily needs to be the same as the data source)

  10. Maximize the screen

Save and run the task.

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