In Gaio, the analyst can combine analysis data with data from platform users. This makes it possible, for example, to only show sales from the seller who has logged in. Everyone accesses the same dashboard, however, everyone only sees their information.

This task does not depend on a table to be performed.

Returns only users from the Application under analysis

This task will not return all users registered in Gaio, but only those who have access to the application where the task is being used.

  1. Table : Define the name of the table that will contain user data.

  2. Type of users : choose which types of users will be in the generated table. Could it be:

    1. Users

    2. Users and developers

    3. All users, which includes the above groups and Administrators

  3. Columns : There are 4 columns available to be inserted into the table (Name, Email, user registration date and type). The analyst can choose which ones will be in the generated table.

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