Enabling the user to ask questions on Gaio and instantly get the answers can be a very simple task.

To register, change or remove questions, simply access the button below in the top right menu of the Studio :

The focus is not on the question, but on the answer. An answer can have several questions, variations of the question that will lead to the same answer. This will allow the user to ask the question in different ways but find the same answer.

  1. At the top there is the question number (e.g.: #1).

  2. Questions: Write the question or questions.

  3. Use a variable in the question (e.g. state. Sales in {{state}}). When the user starts filling in "sales...", Gaio will already offer names of states, because in this interface the analyst has highlighted a column and table from which Gaio will fetch the values.

  4. Add more questions.

  5. Process to perform: Which process will be executed and its reports will be presented when someone asks the questions on the left of the screen.

  6. Return: the analyst must choose whether the answer to the question should return a report of the process or all those in it.

  7. Report: if in item (6) "Single report" is chosen, the analyst must choose which one will be presented in response to the question.

  8. It is possible to delete the entire question #1.

  9. At the end, the next question begins.

At the end, "clicking" the Save button will re-train Gaio's internal predictive model that interprets the sentences and directs which answer will be brought to the screen.

Too many values loaded cause slowness on the home screen

As Gaio's home screen already has the search box, it loads values from tables used in questions. Therefore, it is important not to load columns with many values or search in very large tables, to avoid slowing things down.

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